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running away and a guy to the left side. >> it was dark and hard to see, but it was clear something happened to the 13-year-old girl >> i want asked her, honey, are you okay in she was so scared and just running, she didn't hear me talking to her. >> neighbors say the teenager always walks down the street to meet a friend to walk to school. police say the suspect approached her and dragged her to a driveway. they are calling it a kidnapping. >> i'm sure it was a frightening situation for her, she fought back and was able to escape. >> the randomness of the crime has changed the way she leaves in the morning. >> i have been leaving later due to that. i am scared to be honest with you, i look everywhere, before i leave my door. >> now, this kidnapper was last seen running east on east st. james street towards king road, you want to take a look at the sketch on your screen here, the suspect is described as a hispanic man, 25-30 years old,
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5'10", thin to medium beeld, black hair, brown eyes and a mustache, he was wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt with a hood over his head and brown shoes with white paint. if you know this than, call the police. >> thank you. now, you can take a closer look at the video that we have obtained on our website and we will be updating the story online with new information from police once it's released. >> a few miles away, people learned to find that their neighbor was found dead inside her home. a 911 call came in at 1:30 this afternoon. when they arrived at the apartment complex, they found a woman inside one of the apartment units dead. she had been shot at least one time. they are trying figure out what led up to the crime. this is the second homicide of the year, so far no arrests have
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been made. >> new at 11:00, a disturbing discovery inside a east bay pizza parlor. the manager arrested for hiding a camera inside a bathroom. police say 31-year-old jason la i -- lasor hid the camera. a female worker called police after finding the hidden cap ra. he was charged with misdemeanor conduct and invasion of privacy. >> now, to a follow-up on a breaking story we brought you at 6:00, a fire ignited by squatters in oakland this evening. drivers of nearby interstate 80 could see the fire as they passed by. police arrested three people that climbed on a nearby rooftop
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on escape the frames. -- escape the flames. we were told seven people were living inside the vacant house. >> it was abandoned and they were all sharing housing. and they all trained each other how to get out in case of emergency. >> the flames were hard to put out because the stairs inside were destroyed. it was too dangerous for firefighters to go in. despite how difficulty it was, no one was hurt. >> bill bratton is coming to oakland. his focus, how to reduce crime with community involvement. more on why the community is divided on his new role. >> after living in oakland for 56 years, ray got caught in a hail of bullets. >> we were screaming and the guns were firing away. and all total, they shot around 17 rounds at the cars.
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hitting my car, and striking my vehicle seven times. >> he is the policy adviser for larry reed, the shooting makes the heated debate about how to effectively police oakland more real. >> it became real for me. it's a sad state and it out of control. >> this morning the oakland city council voted to support new crime fighting tools. hirie ining more sheriff's depu. and adding a new police academy and hiring chief bill bratton, hundreds of oakland residents oppose his hiring because he is a supporter of stop and frisk. many say it leads to racial profiling. a concern leon understands. his son had a questionable run-in with the police. oakland police chef howard jordan said that it will not
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become policy. >> bill bratton does more than stop and frisk. >> he said that jordan is about community involvement. >> feels that the community has to be involved at every level of the planning and execution of crime fighting. >> the team will look at each neighborhood and craft a plan. the mayor is hoping that he can help create strategies to move opd away from a federal take over. >> he quite frankly made a lot of progress with the los angeles negotiators settlement and the federal judge. >> leon said it's time for a divided community to get together. >> we have to come together in one voice and get it done. >> nbc bay area news. >> br a at the t tmp-- bratton scheduled to arrive in february. governor brown is said to deliver his state of the state
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address tomorrow. it's the first time in a decade the state is back in the black instead of facing a substantial deficit. brown took office in 2011 under a $16 billion deficit. today the state has a surplus of $851 million. brown has more sway over the legislature than any governor in years. a wet night for most of the bay area. rain returned after three weeks of clear skies. we want to show you outside, live picture of 101, and showers slowed the evening community. jeff is with us with a look at where the rain is now and what it means for the morning commute, jeff? >> the storm system will stick around at least for the next 45 minutes and longer for others as we head to tomorrow morning. right now with the radar scan.
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you see it's the extreme south bay with the consistent showers and in to downtown san jose, and right up to east bay. pockets of rain in pleasanton, it will push into livermoor, and a very wet evening right now on highway 101 and it's going to be a parking lot, do expect brake lights. overall totals, .43 in santa rosa. now, here is the thing, tomorrow morning not done yet. showers will likely be here on the south bay, east bay and we will have the timeline for what it means for your weekend coming up later on in the show. >> thank you. we have new threats out of cokorea. >> from the east bay to the
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south bay, a new twist on the door step thefts. i'm live in fremont, how home owners are turning the tables and protecting their neighborhoods. >> yeah! when they get a first and ten or a touchdown! that's exciting. it is. >> it is. sweet super bowl dreams come true for a lucky san jose woman. but there's one last tough decision to make. >> and an hiv break through, how stanford scientists have made cells from the human body immune to that disease.
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and fathers, sisters and brothers and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> ambassador and piedmont native chris stevens was among those killed in the attack.
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inadequate security and leadership left the post vulnerable. the department is now making more than 2 dozen changes to security and leadership. >> defense secretary leon panetta is expected to formally announce tomorrow that he is lifting the ban on women in combat. that move overturns a 1994 ruling that banned them from being on the front lines. that could open up more jobs for women this year. >> all but one of the dreams came true. that was being a combat job from which at the time women were banned. >> there are women who are strong and have the abilities and the skills they need to do well in the jobs. and to hold them back because of a stereo type is wrong. >> the military services department will have until january 2016 to seek special exceptions if they find positions they want closed off to women. >> a teacher is behind bars
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accused of walling abusing 50 students. he worked in the unified school district. it came to light when several young girls had told their parents that he had inappropriately touched them. >> a search for a pair of brazen robbers. one was in the little russian neighbor, and in both case of robberies, they took several medications containing oxycodone, they are both thin and 5'9". anybody that knows anything about the robberies should come forward. >> residents are catching
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criminals red handed. more security cameras have been installed and they are catching people staking out neighborhoods and stealing at their door steps. now they are trying to use new tools to catch the criminals. stephanie? >> good evening, we hear about these spikes of package thefts around the holidays police in fremont said it happens frequently year round with criminals making a living out of it. we spoke with victims who are fed up and they are not leaving it to cops to track down the thieves. >> from two different points of view, security cameras caught this woman stealing from the front porch of the home. happened just seconds after a package delivery and minutes before he returned home from work at 5:00 at night. >> a woman in the honda drives back, and backs up and pulls in my driveway. turn today car off, got out of the car, took the package. >> that is when his friend stepped in.
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linking the footage on online. >> i posted it on saturday morning and in a day, it got over 150,000 views. i have seen it in the past where it works, where someone posts a story about a fight. and people are able to identify who the person was. >> a gentleman named aaron, he tried to get the license plate from the video. >> the whole thing took about 20 seconds. >> almost the same thing played out when ronda went over had her footage. a woman pulling up after a package delivery, casually scooping up the goods. >> she got out, she didn't really look uncomfortable at all. she was nicely dressed. she looked like she belonged in the neighborhood and that is the scariest kind of tool. >> she has her own duly. >> things like this will not happen as often, we have everyone watching out. people are on the lookout.
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>> all of this, mainly publically shared videos works for them. >> they will catch up to her. >> as for what the women walked away with. snowboard pants. >> tommy bahama sweatshirts. >> i was fuming. >> they are faithful that karma will catch up. >> hey, we are watching for you. >> no arrests in either case. fremont police saying they have detectives with special cost wear that can use the software to lift data off the security camera footage, it does take time, and it's youtube channel has netted fresh new leads that the police officers are working on right now. >> live in fremont, stephanie, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. >> a san jose woman said her dreams have come true, the 49 rs fan is going to the super bowl
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in new orleans. she found out tuesday she is one of the lucky season ticket holders to win tickets to the big game. she bought two tickets for $850 a piece and now all she has to do is decide who to take with her. my husband is gone for 16 years. i will go for myself. i thought for a minute, a nano second, of letting my son-in-law go with my daughter and i said no, this is a chance of a lifetime for me. >> good for you, connie. connie decided instead to take her daughter who is 7 months pregnant. the doctor said that the mom is health haddy and go and enjoy the game. but mommy to be said that she will keep the jumping in check and the cheering to a minimum. >> it will be hard when the niners win. you know, let's get a check on the forecast. >> yes, we are forecasting a win in the weather department for the niners. let's look at the radar picture.
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a huge influx of california, proving to bring in a punch and we are tracking the heaviest rainfall. including downtown san jose and campbell and portions of the east south bay. right now, in livermore, a heavy pocket of rainfall that is moving over and producing .27 of an inch per hour. a good downpour coming your way that will last over the next hour, hour and a half. it's wet on interstate 280. even though it's not heavy at the current moment. it does not take much to get the road ways slick. if you are doing late night traveling, you want to take it slow on the bay area road ways. otherwise, temperatures are cooling off to 49 degrees in santa rosa and 49 in napa. more comfortable that the 20s and 30s that we had. let's go to the sky camera network. there you go, there's the storm
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activity. lowering cloud ceilings and improving air quality. up to palo alto, on highway 1 near university avenue, you can see cars taking it slow and the brake lights have been a lot on that view today. cars sailing by, you can see how wet the roads are and it will stay that way into part of tomorrow morning. >> next 48 hours, we are going to see some of the sub strop cal moisture slide off to the east, here comes another smaller system. it's not going to be clear as we head right to the weekend. in fact, this is going to keep showers in the forecast, not only for friday, but maybe even a slight chance of showers into saturday's forecast. overall, expect cool weather as we head throughout friday, and also saturday, and also that chance of showers with sun mixed in as well. as for tomorrow morning, we can't rule out the chance here of stray showers across the east bay pa -- peninsula and the south bay.
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as we go through the afternoon, we will get a few rays of sunshine, popping in two, three, and 4:00, that will make it nice on thursday. 52 in oakland, and 45 in napa with cloudy conditions and sunshine, 58 in livermore, thinking of going to lake tahoe? time for the tahoe report. and conditions are awesome. i mean we will have clouds up here. but no heavy snow, temperatures in the low 40s. snow base of 28 inches in squaw valley otherwise on the seven-day forecast we will keep a chance of showers in here as we go throughout friday, saturday and sunday, not a big storm system, but a few waves of energy that will not be enough that we can see a few rain drops
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into the up coming weekend. we get sun in by the afternoon. >> not too bad at all. >> well, coming up. the hiv break through, it's making headlines around the world.
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>> in a promising break through, stanford scientists have developed hiv resistent cells, they cut and paste resistent genes in to the infected virus, it destroyed the cells and prevented them from moving into the rest of the system. let's check in with the newsroom, see what is happening there. >> thanks guys, the warriors welcomed one of the best teams in the nba to oracle, and it came down to the line, we have the highlights. and two months after san francisco celebrated a world
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series, the 49ers are two weeks away from possibly their own parade. how they kicked off the final leg for the quest for six, next in sports.
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>> ahmed fareed from the sports desk. the sexual assault allegations of michael crabtree is not holding up under investigation. the police have not found evidence of an assault and witnesses who say they were there, deny any assault that took place there. meanwhile the 49ers took the field wednesday and began game planning, and the team practiced all week before heading to new orleans and they will do it on sunday now. every player's uniform had a patch with the super bowl lewl sewn on. you can excitement in the 49ers
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locker ro eer room is at an all high. >> this is what we play for. we wait, we spend all of our lives and you know, as a kid and we grow up and go to high school and college and we play for this moment. >> we are approaching this week as if we are playing a game on sunday. so, we keep it as normal as usual. so, as far as preparation, you know, getting your body ready to play, and just go through basically two work weeks and we will be ready to go. and when this day comes, it's the super bowl. >> we wanted to -- we are excited about the opportunity. looking forward to it and just preparing. >> warriors hosting the thunder, best record in the nba, and fourth quarter, to landry, warriors up by two. and kir, with the three-pointer.
11:27 pm
usually knock threes down, and they get the ball with 17 seconds left. down by two. makes a pass to kurri and kurri makes the steal, gets fouled and makes both free throws. warriors win a big one. >> that was great win. that is what made it so fun, it was a marquis game, national television, and the last television game, we got embarrassed on our court. and it's the best team in the league and we wanted to come out and accept the challenge. >> back to the 49ers real quick, frank gore learned not to roll his socks down on game day, he did it in the nfc championship game and received a $10,500 fine. more news after this. mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entrees,
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each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's.
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>> jeff is back with a look at the commute tomorrow. >> we have showers lingering around, and heavy rainfall right now impacting pleasanton and livermore, and downtown san jose, it will be similar to this tomorrow morning then we will see the showers pushing out by 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00, by thursday afternoon, we have sun breaking the cloud could have. temperatures in the low 60s and then we will storms around for friday saturday and sunday. plenty of sun as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday of next week. still mild though. >> not too bad. >> thanks so much. >> that will do it for us have a great night, we hope to see you tomorrow.
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captions by vitac ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you very much. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] well, let's see what's going -- monday, of course, was president obama's inauguration. all the networks covered it, except for fox. they ran their big "joanie loves chachi" marathon. [ laughter ] they had that. and in his inaugural address, president obama praised the patriots of 1776, and said they were much better than the patriots of last sunday. [ laughter ] yes. didn't happen. yeah, i'm sorry. i'm sorry.

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